my favorite multitasking skin care + makeup products to keep it suuuper simple this summa

nowadays, we want a product that does it all.







I feel like this is ESPECIALLY true in summer months when we’re all living more active lifestyles, spending more time by the pool / at the beach, traveling without our entire kit n caboodle, and generally sweating our faces off.

PS: I’m in Arizona where these triple digie months give a whole new meaning to MELT!

For me, I want as few steps as possible, easy, on-the-go, put it on with my hands kinda beauty. 

And I honestly could not be more thrilled about the beauty market embracing this multi-tasking approach with skin care + makeup products being combined all while encouraging us to enhance our natural features with a minimal, polished everyday look.

I consider myself "high maintenance so that my everyday is the lowest maintenance possible.” 

— aka I'm a busy gal and I have never been one to spend 2 hours putting on a full face of makeup. 

Ain’t nobodyyyy got time for that over here. 

High Maintenance Mel: 

gets all the fun services under the sun — like dermaplaning every month, brow flips every couple of months, a BBL laser facial every 6 months, Dysport every 6 months, and my hand-tied extensions that I’ve discovered I legit cannot live without. These are the things that make me feel my best, keep me fresh, and make everyday a lot easier!

Low Maintenance Mel: 

is all about quick, efficient hacks to look put together in the least amount of time possible.

Say H E L L O to my favorite pack-a-big-punch-products!





Brush On

Total Eye

Color Balms

I love these ColoreScience products so much because:

- they triple as SUN CARE + SKIN CARE + MAKEUP all in one! 

- I don’t need any brushes or sponges to apply them. 

- they are all 100% mineral SPF (which is the healthiest option for our skin!) 

- Broad Spectrum (UVA/UVB) Sunscreen

- Water Resistant 

- Cruelty Free

- Reef Safe 


Why I no longer own foundation.

This moisturizing tinted spf literally performs a magic trick for us! It comes out completely toothpaste white and then transforms into the perfect skin tone within 1-2 minutes and immediately evens out my skin tone for a flawless, built-in-filter kinda look. I’m obsessed and love showing it to people on their hands so we can all “ooooo” and “aaaa” together lol.

It’s hydrating, rich in antioxidants, and powered by patented EnviroScreen® Technology - which means comprehensive defense against UVA/UVB, Blue Light, Pollution, and Infrared Radiation.

FLEX features innovative, iron oxide pigments that bloom in your fingertips to deliver that tone-adapting, buildable color coverage with a demi-matte finish.

I personally mix half medium flex with half glow for just the right amount of coverage + a dewy highlight shimmer effect. 

Comes in 4 Shades:


-MEDIUM (what I wear)



Great for all skin types.

If you’re not sure between two shades, I recommend getting the lighter one especially since we often add bronzer and blush after and don’t want to look like our faces are way darker than our bods.


How I look like a delicious hot-n-ready glazed donut every day.

I cannot live without this product. 

I use it everyday on top of my skin care routine and love looking like I belong on the Krispy Kreme menu. Healthy, juicy skin has a natural glow to it and this moisturizing tinted spf boosts our luminosity.

Like the FLEX, it’s also powered by EnviroScreen® Technology but features a pearlescent illuminating shimmer effect for a healthy, lit-from-within look. It’s a soft, light-weight coverage.

I wear it alone or love to mix it in with my FLEX for a radiant, dewy finish and a little more coverage — especially for a night out or whenever I’m going for more of a “makeup” look.

I’m a dry skin type (aka I produce little to no oil) so this really helps me achieve that glowy tissue like I’ve been freshly dermaplaned everyday. Now, I have met a few babes in my day who are naturally “shiny” and prefer not to enhance it more. So if that’s you, read on for why the Matte might be the perfect option for you! 


Oh, you don’t want to look like a glazed donut — that’s ok too! I’ve got you oily, shiny babes covered!

This version of moisturizing tinted spf is formulated specifically for oily or blemish-prone skin. This lightweight formula absorbs excess oil, blurs the appearance of pores, and leaves skin shine-free.

Just like the FLEX and GLOW, it’s powered by patented EnviroScreen® Technology and tinted with a unique iron oxide blend for additional Blue Light defense. It blends in sheer and skin looks fresh + feels clean with a modern matte finish.

Best for Oily and Combination skin types.

Ideal for Medium to Deep skin tones. 


My outdoor activities must-have.

I keep one of these in my fanny pack and another on deck for travels. We all know we’re “supposed to” reapply sunscreen regularly if we’re spending significant time in the sun. But when I’m all sweaty and dirty at the top of a mountain, have salty sand hands during a day at the beach, or I’m sitting outside at my best friends wedding for hours with a full face of professional makeup … I’m definitely not gobbing on another layer of the aforementioned creamy spfs every 40 minutes.

So, that’s why I always bring this lil ninja stick — it literally just dusts on pure minerals to create a shield from the sun! It’s water resistant for 80 minutes and I always recommend it for my mamas. They’re always telling me that it’s hard to lotion up or spray down their precious babies when they’re outside playing. This is so easy and they “feel nothing” going on!

We carry the most universal shade - medium - but the dust is virtually invisible on any skin tone whether it’s alone or on top of makeup.


My under eye BFF.

This lil triple threat is a game changer. 

I have super thin under-eye skin so my inner corners have always been more on the dark, purpley side. I’ve been on the hunt for anything to help keep them lighter and brighter but I also want my eye skin to look like juicy, healthy SKIN — not like a powdery baked on cake frosting. The struggle has been real, y’all.

Our eye tissue is our most fragile skin and we often forget about it when it comes to sun damage.

This eye treat is a serum, sun protector, and concealer all in one! 

It works to visibly improve the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles + protects the delicate eye area against photo-aging with mineral spf + has a creamy concealer effect.

I’m also so in love with the applicator — it’s a metal tip that is cooling, de-puffing and feels deliiiiightful!

I like to swipe the product on with the metal tip all around my eyes like a little massage and then tap with my ring fingertip under my eyes and all over my eyelids to make sure the product is all blended in.

Available in 2 shades that color match to your skin:

FAIR - a pale, cooler nude for the lightest skin tones. 

MEDIUM - our best seller and the shade I wear. I neutral nude with a bit of a yellow undertone to cancel out dark circles.

We are happy to drop-ship TAN or DEEP right to your doorstep if you email us :) 


Lids, and lips, and cheeks, oh my!

Protect and hydrate with a dewy pop of color! 

These creamy makeup sticks brilliantly double as an added layer of healthy, all-mineral sun protection from environmental aggressors. They’re my favorite super-quick, effortless makeup trick and they have a gorgeous, shimmery highlight effect.

I use BRONZE at the base of my cheek bones and along the top my forehead for kindergarten-level contouring. Sometimes I swipe some on my lids with my fingertips for a bronzey smoky eye lewk.

I generously swipe BERRY or BLUSH across my cheeks and tap with my fingers to blend — never enough blush in my world. Then, I apply whatever’s left on my finger tips in the crease of my lids and on my lips.

BERRY = a deep raspberry hue, great for adding a more vibrant pop of color.

BLUSH = a true nude with pink undertones, perfect for everyday wear.

BRONZE = a shimmery, golden glow

bonus proddie feature —


The lippie that I now have in every single backpack, fanny pack, and purse!

It’s basically a lip balm.+ mask + tint + gloss + plumper in one. But only the very best versions of each. Umm, say less.

These are super yummy and combine shea butter, jojoba and peppermint oil to moisturize, hydrate and treat dry lips while adding a sheer dose of color and a natural plump. And fun fact: these formulas are designed to naturally adapt to your personal undertones, meaning there's no "wrong" shade for you … seriously!

PINK 182: a light baby pink

FRESH SQUEEZE: a subtle sunset orange

HOT TAKE: a toned-down true red

BRICK ME UP: a warm neutral brick

Key Ingredients: Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Peppermint Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil

In case you're wondering: cruelty-free, vegan, clean, paraben-free

A product round up:

My dream is that these make your getting ready routine easier (and more fun) and that your days are freed up for more happy, healthy livin!

Enjoy, my babes!



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