subtle enhancement,

big impact 

subtle enhancements, big impacts

full microblade

microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo to enhance the eyebrows. pigment is etched into the upper layers of the skin by hand; these microscopic strokes mimic the look of actual hair as we artistically create hyper-realistic designs. some soft, natural machine shading may be done as well when appropriate to create more density and powdery coverage.


our full microblade always includes a second session 6-10 weeks after as the best, super-natural healed results happen in two spaced out, layered sessions.

previous microblading or tattoo? no problem, please email us before booking at with photos of your brows for review.



annual refresh

single session microblading refresh on brows at the 1 year mark of previous session to boost color & crisp up strokes.



18 month refresh

single session microblading refresh on brows at the 1.5 year mark of previous session to boost color & crisp up strokes.



brow pigment lightening

the easiest, safest and most effective pigment removal on the market and is the only product specifically designed for brows. this fruit acid solution removes 99% of pigment with little to no scabbing or downtime. there’s no numbing necessary as it's very gentle; you can even wear makeup 24 hours after and go about normal activities. all clients vary in the # of treatments needed.


the age, depth, and saturation all play a role as well as your end goal: are you looking to fully remove your brows or lighten them up just enough to have corrective / cover up work done by us? we’ll discuss a game plan together. all lightening sessions are performed 4 weeks apart.


Sessions 1 to 3: $250 each

Sessions 4 to 6: $200 each

Sessions 7 to 9: $150 each

brow color correction

we specialize in this advanced corrective treatment over previously microbladed or tattooed brows that have healed / faded to an undesirable color. this pmu technique can cancel out funky, unnatural shades (such as orange, pink, blue, gray) and restore the hair-like color you likely dreamed your brows would be.

it's a journey, my friends. our lead tattoo artist, Colleen, has become a master at this technique to truly help the flood of cases we get at MELT from all over of lovely humans seeking a solution for tattooed brows they don't love.

if this is you or someone you love, please schedule a consultation to connect with us!


pricing varies

corrective / cover up consultation

all clients with previous microblading and/or tattoo from elsewhere are required to email us photos of your brows for review to once received, we'll reach out with booking options and we may request that you come in for a consultation with us prior to any treatments so that we can see your brows in person + create a beautiful game plan together.



hair density enhancement

let us restore your confidence to part your hair where you want to, pull it back, or put it in an up do!

this life-changing technique involves tattooing sparse-looking areas of the scalp with teeny, tiny dots of pigment to match the base of your natural hair. by doing so, hair loss and thinning can be camouflaged resulting in the appearance of thicker hair with no invasive surgery.

we perform this treatment on temples and/or center part and results last 3-5 years! to connect with our lead cosmetic tattoo artist, Colleen, for more information, please email us directly at or give us a call.



lash line enhancement

give your eyes a POP with our lash line enhancement! this advanced cosmetic tattoo applies pigment WITHIN the lash line where eyelashes grow (not on the waterline or eyelid) to give the appearance of darker, fuller lashes.

it is completely painless with our topical numbing gel and results typically last 1-3 years. we recommend coming back every 1-2 years for a tiny refresh whenever the color needs a little boost.

please email a clear front-facing photo of eyes (without makeup) to upon booking. our lead cosmetic tattoo artist, Colleen, will review your photos and reach out with pre care + post care information.



tiny tats

experience the softest, fine line tattooing now available at your favorite self-care studio. if you've ever wanted to get a small tattoo, but felt intimidated by a traditional tattoo shop, MELT is your dream destination. choose from a selection of images hand crafted by our tattoo babes or allow them to create your custom design to elevate your aesthetic in the most elegant & simple way.

we schedule slots based on overall size from 1 in x 1 in up to 4 in x 4 in. all sizing, placement & pricing can be fine-tuned at the time of your appointment. we adhere to an 18 & over (with ID) policy.



lip blush

A super-natural, semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that enhances the shade of your lips for a subtle pop of color! Buh-bye washed out pout! All colors are customized for YOU.

During your consultation, Nina will dive into your current lips & the ultimate healed vision to artfully choose the perfect shade together.

2 sessions are performed (6 wks apart) to perfect your healed results that last 3-5 years.


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