get reborn with me! - my post travel glow up

get reborn with me! - my post travel glow up

Get REBORN with me!

I landed back in the AZ after spending 2 weeks in tropical Bali and my face immediately felt like a crispy saltine cracker!!


It’s so wild and fascinating to me that our bodies adapt so much to new environments — and trust me — as a dry skin type babe, I was living my BEST LIFE with that super-humid jungle glow and salty ocean water waves in my air-dried hair.

Let’s face it tho … we live where we live.

And here in the desert, that means A LOTTA extra nourishment, protection and intention goes into achieving and maintaining juicy, radiant skin year ‘round, especially while popping in and outta town.

Here’s what I did to boost my skin + soul back after my travels for an easy, instant glow up —

1. The MELT Browzilian Blowout:

I waxed and trimmed these bushy babies and then did two professional deep conditioning treatments. Since I had my brows flipped a few weeks ago, this totally brings the fluffy hairs back to life!

2. Nose + lip wax:


3. Dewy Dermaplane + Hydrating Enzyme:

I shaved off all those sandpapery dead, dull skin cells and peach fuzzies for baby soft skin. It was soooo satisfying since I had SO MUCH dry crusty flakiness this time, even though I do this every 4 weeks without fail. It’s my #1 skin rec for almost everyone!

PSA: don’t try this part at home, kids.

LOL Confession... the FedEx guy came into MINI MELT while I was recording myself and scared me. Since I was in there on a Monday (we are closed) I definitely jumped and hacked my chin meat!

Regardless, using your twinkle razor from amazon is NOT dermaplaning, babes. Not even close.

But using a medical grade scalpel on yourself is NOT easy, even for us professionals who are trained on performing this service on others, and is truly dangerous. Come see us for the real deal instead.

4. My go to goodies:

Oatmylk Creamy Cleanser + Lemongrass Cleansing Serum
Tea Tree + Lavender Ointment Post Wax
SkinScripts Apple Orchard Enzyme
Optimyst Mineralizing Spray + Mu Juice Emu Oil + Moysture Universal Cream
ColoreScience GLOW Tinted SPF
ColoreScience 3-in-1 Total Eye in Medium
Brunette Tinted Brow Gel + Clear Brow Gel
Mentha Lip Gloss

You can snag most of these goodies online or in-studio to maintain that fresh, rejuvenated feeling wherever life takes you.


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