men deserve 

self care too  

no bad

brow days 

the man brow

Men need brow love too! With a wax, trim and tweeze, we'll keep them manly without looking susopiciously over-arched. No makeup here.


the manscape

You'll feel clean as a whistle after this quick and painless man brow + nostril + ear wax trio. Enjoy being fuzz free for much longer than trimming yourself!


the man-plane

Our most popular quickie skin care service modified for the modern man. This treatment will completely resurface your face, revealing your most radiant skin, and we recommend coming in every 4 weeks for continuous benefits.


We'll dermaplane to remove all dead, dull skin cells (top half of face / non bearded area) and then apply one of our delicious fruit enzymes to eat up any other crusty congestion and build up. You'll melt into bliss mode with our hydrating, brightening jelly mask.



the men's MELT away facial

The perfect place to begin your skin care journey with us. This delicious treatment is fully customized for your genetic skin type & current visible condition. We'll chat about your goals then create an individualized service plan + home care ritual to achieve them.


You'll truly MELT away during this 60 min session that includes our deep pore double cleanse, dewy dermaplane + enzyme exfoliation, face, hand + arm massage, whole-food mask, steamy towels, aromatherapy, eye + lip care, & our very own nourishing finishing products.



the man-needle

An incredible alternative to "bro-tox."

This service targets some of the top areas of concern for aging men including forehead lines, wrinkles forming around eyes / crow's feet, and texture across the nose and cheeks. We microneedle the upper half of the face above the bearded area.

Microneedling is a superstar at getting our bodies to produce new, youthful collagen and elastin proteins. This advanced treatment dramatically reduces fine lines and wrinkles, breaks up scar tissue (especially from prior acne), radically minimizes appearance of scars or stretch marks, and resurfaces the entire texture of the face.

We use a medical grade pen and apply a topical numbing cream to the treatment area so clients are safe and comfortable throughout the entire session with essentially no downtime. It's typical to be red and slightly swollen, like a sunburn, for 1-3 days after treatment and we'll give you some gentle post care to guide you.


the man tan

Everyone feels better with healthy, golden skin! Come see us for an organic, super natural glow. Undies required.

Read our blob article for pro tips, prep and post care HERE.


the manzilian

Ready to go bare down there? Our Manzilian takes manscaping to the next level.

Our expert wax artist will ensure a swift and smooth experience, removing unwanted hair from your man bits and between the cheeks, leaving you feeling fresh and confident. 


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