tips for BROW FLIPS

tips for BROW FLIPS


In the little bit of time I’ve been back behind the bed working on all the beautiful faces this summer, I’ve observed a consistent theme for our brow flip clients. Naturally, this service has become our most popular offering (we’re OBSESSED!) and because this treatment is gaining notoriety, I think it’s super important to actually EDUCATE everyone on how to truly take care of your brows ongoing.

We’ve actually been performing brow flips (typically called brow lamination but we had to make it a little more melty than that!) since 2019. So, we’ve really seen our fair share of outcomes and had the opportunity to dial this in for each of the unique faces we touch.

This blob is intended to serve as a full roadmap — a brow journey, if you will — that I personally teach to my clients every single time to set them up for ongoing success. I always love to share the big WHY behind creating some of the extra services and products that work synergistically with the flip and empower our clients to understand their self care.


We all know (and are reminded in service) that we need to keep freshly flipped brows free from all water, steam and sweat for the first 24 hours.

That’s because the shiny solution we apply at the very end — the one that makes it look like your brows are laminated / glued down to your face — has to stay in tact to bond all of the hairs in the proper place. Any disruption — from brushing, sleeping on your face, getting wet, or sweating — can cause hairs to move into a kinky, curly formation and then they’ll be permed that way for up to 12 weeks! Not cute, my friends.

After that, we say “You can treat them like your normal brows and it’s super low-maintenance!”

However, I think there’s actually a lot to know about what comes next — even if it’s all really easy to implement.

So, here we go!


How to Style Your Brows.

  1. Brush brows “up and out” daily — especially after sleep, after shower while hairs are wet, and anytime they get out of place. For me, I carry a spoolie brush with me in my fanny pack because these Chewbacca grandpa brows get prettyyy wild — like when I’m trying on clothes and pull a shirt over my head, she CRAY!

It’s important to know that even the most perfectly flipped / permed hairs are NOT going to just stay up by themselves. Just like our head hair, brows still need to be styled, brushed, and encouraged into the place we want them to lay. Sometimes we get fun messages from new clients that think their brow flip “didn’t work” — when they send us a pic, their brows literally just needed to be brushed up :)

  1. Always Use a Brow Gel  — or other brow hair styling product that you fancy. Again, just like head hair, a styling product is going to work to keep your flipped hairs in place all day long. 

This can be separate from your actual brow fill in products (like powders, pencils, pomades) and it’s why I recommend at the very least, using a clear brow gel to train hairs daily and prolong the life of your flip even if you’re going makeup-free. Tinted brow gels do a couple jobs at once — adding density, dimension, and color while also molding hairs.

If you are applying powder, pomade, pencil, or tinted gels, always top off with Clear Gel at the very end! This will lock in the color and create the perfect, healthy shine :)

BEST CLEAR BROW GEL — A must have.

This flexible, clear hold will remain transparent without getting stiff or flaky. 

Swipe into brows in short motions, combing brows "up and out" for the most fluffy, full shape. 


BEST TINTED BROW GELS — Your brow's new BFF. Available in 4 awesome shades. 

Our tinted brow gels do it all: create shape, groom hairs into place, & add color for a super-natural, full appearance. Tiny fibers build density to fluff up brows & this water resistant formula will keep brows looking fresh all day long without every getting stiff, smudgy or flaky. 

Swipe into brows in short, upward strokes to coat follicles. Brush hairs "up and out" for the most full, fluffy shape. Make contact with the skin in areas that need a deeper, darker fill-in. 

How to Nourish Your Brows.


Processing brow hairs can definitely dehydrate your follicles — while we don’t consider flips to be damaging when done properly, we do know it’s important to condition the hairs to bring elasticity and health back to your brows while preventing hairs from becoming too brittle over time. Think of this similar to coloring your head hair — you’d certainly use conditioner consistently and maybe even some extra oils or hydrating mask treatments to support the health of your hair.

That’s why we created our very own melt brow flip nourishing oil — it’s 100% organic, hexane-free castor oil based and we recommend starting it 2-3 weeks after your flip every night before bed. The spoolie wand tube is perfect for swiping into brows without getting greasy or messy.



Yes, it really works!!

Whether you’re trying to grow in sparse areas or not, all brows can benefit from adding a growth serum to your self care routine. Think of this like taking a hair supplement — you may grow a bunch of gorgeous new mermaid hair and at the very least, the hair you already have will be way healthier.

Our favorite, tried-n-true is Grande Brow. It’s ophthalmologist tested & approved, paraben and phthalate free, full of safe ingredients, made in the USA, and repeatedly voted one of the top serums on the market.

With all growth serums, consistency is key — especially in the first 3-4 months. I put mine in my toothbrush jar so I remember to use it when I brush my teeth in the morning. Simply swipe into brows and let dry. You’ll start to see results within 6-8 weeks with full results in about 4 months.

Available in both melt studios (but we are unable to sell this product online.)


How to Maximize the Life of Your Brows.

  1. Browzilian Blowout

Book this signature melt service around the halfway mark, whenever brows feel “sad” or shrunken down like you’d be ready for a new flip… you’re probably not actually ready for a full perm redo so this is the perfect refresh to bring brows back to life. Think of this like going in for a light bang trim and toner with your hairdresser instead of doing a full dye job every time and potentially over-processing.

In this session, we’ll

- clean up shape and remove overgrown hairs (wax, trim, tweeze)

- tint to enhance and redefine (optional)

- perform two deep conditioning masks to rehydrate follicles and create the ultimate soft, fluffy brow look!

  1. A la carte Brow Magics and/or Brow Tinting

A lot of clients don’t actually realize that it’s totally welcomed to pop in for a brow magic or even a solo tint if your brows need some TLC between flips. No need to wait the full 8+ weeks before coming back to see us; here’s an example of what an ongoing brow journey might look like with us.

Example Brow Journey:

Brow Flip — option to add Wax and/or Tint

In 3 weeks …

Brow Magic — we’ll wax, trim, tweeze and optional tint 

In 3 weeks …

Browzilian Blowout — wax, trim, tweeze, optional tint, 2 deep conditioning treatments on hairs 

In 3 weeks …

Brow Flip — rinse and repeat = 9 weeks between flips for super happy, healthy brows that always look fluffy + polished!


Ideally, 8+ weeks. 


Considering microblading but a bit timid about taking the plunge? Brow flips are the perfect way to dip your toes in to see if you truly enjoy sporting a fuller, shapelier brow. Plus, we love scheduling you with one of our cosmetic tattoo artists for the flip so you have the entire appointment to ask more questions and get a personal consultation for potential microblading!

Come see us for a flip to help support you in making a decision either way on blading your brows.

If you’re scheduled to be microbladed, we recommend getting your brows flipped right before. The ideal window is within 2 weeks of your appointment but not within the 3 days prior. This will help us with our design and hair-strokes to flow with the way you’ll actually be wearing your brows ongoing.

We recommend waiting a full 4 weeks after microblading to be brow flipped so that your skin is healed and the color is fully bonded into the skin.

Sending you all fluffy, sky-high brows and happy, joyful days ahead. Thanks for tuning in while I blab about all things brows on the blob, babe!



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