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Your brow's new BFF. 


Our tinted brow gels do it all: create shape, groom hairs into place, & add color for a super-natural, full appearance. Tiny fibers build density to fluff up brows & this water resistant formula will keep brows looking fresh all day long without every getting stiff, smudgy or flaky. 

Swipe into brows in short, upward strokes to coat follicles. Brush hairs "up and out" for the most full, fluffy shape. Make contact with the skin in areas that need a deeper, darker fill-in. 


PRO TIP: Start a tiny ways into the brow and work your way towards the tail first - save the very front / head of your brows for LAST when the brush has the least amount of product on it. This will keep the start of brow softer and more natural without being the area with heaviest product application. 


~ blondie: light, ash blonde-brown great for all shades of blonde

~ brunette: medium, neutral brown great for all brunettes and blondes who prefer a bold brow

~ chocolate: medium, rich chocolatey brown for warmer brunettes

~ dark brunette: deep brown great for dark brown to black hairs