2023 brow trend predictions with The Zoe Report

2023 brow trend predictions with The Zoe Report

this is kind of a big deal. 

I was recently asked to comment on 2023 brow trend predictions and was: 

- stoked to be interviewed for @thezoereport 

- thrilled to blab about my #1 obsession. eyebrows for lyfe. 

I read the article for the 1st time out loud with the babes at mini melt before we started our shift. I jumped, squealed, dropped to my knees, and happy cried. 

I had NO IDEA I’d be 1 of the “2 world-class beauty experts” TZR turned to and wrote about. 

expert 1: yours truly 🙋🏻‍♀️

expert 2: @anastasiasoare 👸🏻 aka THE @anastasiabeverlyhills 

the (wo)man. the myth. the legend. my hero. the OG brow artist who paved the way for us all. 

wowza. a whole lotta feels. 

3 things I know for sure: 


I’ve dreamt of moments like this since the beginning of my career nearly 10 yrs ago. I’ve dedicated a decade to a craft I love A LOT and committed myself to mastery over everything.

even though this came as a surprise “out of no where”, it’s been a seed incubating since the early days of melt every. single. time I applied Anastasia powder to a brow and imagined what it’d be like to be a leader (who earned it) in the industry like her. 


I’m a human and I experience imposter syndrome too — “wait, what? who, me?!” — 

not feeding that beast is a lifelong practice. 

and feeling it at all is a sign we’re doing something right, imo. 

as our dreams get bigger and more real, we inevitably step into arenas we’ve never been in before that require us to expand beyond who we thought we were and what we believe we’re capable of. 

we embrace a new identity at EVERY up-level. 


it can feel vulnerable to share, celebrate and shout our wins from the rooftop. 

— we fear coming off braggy or taking up too much space

— we worry about how ppl will perceive us. that they won’t be happy / will resent our good news esp if they’re in a tough place

— we feel insecure because things that are huge to us might not make sense to others. “no one could possibly care about a silly little brow article; I’ll look dumb making it a big deal 🙄.” we downplay / pretend it’s not as important to us since we’re afraid of being rejected, let down or misunderstood. 

at the end of the day, I CARE. 

and when we share, we may just inspire someone else to keep dreaming big too.


read the full article here:
2023 Eyebrow Trend Predictions Are Here & They're Pretty Unexpected

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