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Ok ok, I know I’m a biased source, but April is MY FAVORITE month of the entire year!

You guessed it, I’m an April baby. #taurusszn

Naturally, I’m reflecting back on this past trip around the sun while tapping into my imagination + deepest desires for all that 35 has in store for me.

Beyond my bday occurring this time of year, what always feels true is, once that fresh spring energy hits and the world wakes up outta winter hibernation, the happy rays of sunshine pour in and seem to usher a million zillion magical miracles on in with ‘em!

I LIVE for this ripe time of rebirth and witnessing our dreams manifest, blooming into reality right before our eyes at LIGHT-SPEED. 💫


Not quite how the Forrest Gump saying goes, I know — but hear me out …

I was meditating on the Spring Equinox a few weeks back and this crystal clear vision came to me.

I saw myself as a huge, luscious rose bush, like the ones I love so much in my backyard. There were TRILLIONS of tight, tiny buds all over the green, leafy branches.
I could see hints of magenta petals on their tips, like pursed lips promising my favorite Pantone hidden inside.

The message came through in a flash:

“You’ve been planting intentional seeds, pulling weeds, tilling soil, digging deep, patiently pruning, watering, and tending to the garden of your life for sooo long.

NOW is the time to see + receive the blooms of all that labor, all that hard work, all those years.

YOU ARE READY for the abundance of abundance to blossom. And you have the capacity to hold / do / be / have / care for it ALL all at once.

ALL of these little buds are about to BURST OPEN, display their brilliant beauty, permeate the air with their sweet sweet aroma, and bring pure joy to everyone who encounters them.

And guess what, Melissa?

When you look at that bush, there’s simply NO QUESTION, no room for doubt, no worry or wondering IF they’re gonna bloom — you just KNOW that it’s all already happening.

You trust fully that each of those miracles are already on their way, any day now, spiraling out in their own divine timing.”

What a Metaphor.

And I am so friggin grate-full.

What kinda buds are brewin, you might ask?

Well, here’s a not-so-short short list of the April ABUNDANCE!


What a cool, super-unexpected opportunity — I’ve always wished that we could create a way for our babes to stay with us while also growing, changing, and being presented with unpredictable life shifts.

After her husband received a job promotion and transfer, our babe Alex relocated to Vegas and for the first time ever, we co-created a way to bring all the melty love with her.

I instantly experienced an extra special full-circle moment when one of my long-time OG clients, who I started seeing when she was just a teenager back when I was doing brows in my lil studio apartment, messaged me that she now lives in Summerlin and became one of Alex’s very first clients!



CapCon is an annual event for entrepreneurs specifically in the physical products / e-commerce realm. I’ve followed this digital wizard Ryan Moran’s work for many years and really felt called to finding a way to work with him or get involved in his community.
This year, I decided to dive in and say YES to buying the ticket. It was such a valuable couple of days and really feels like the first leap towards my NEXT LEVEL commitment to growing and scaling our MELT by Melissa Skin Care Line.



I produced one of the most inspiring events of my entire career last week and as someone who literally had paralyzing stage fright not so long ago, I’m truly so proud of myself for having done it at all.

I literally have never felt more comfortable, in the flow, and in my element than I did that day giving my melty presentation and speaking from the heart.

Major growth edge for me and still overflowing from all of the beautiful feedback and reflections I received from the 60 souls who filled the room with so much love and energy.

Psst: the entire talk was filmed and we’ll be releasing her on YouTube very soon if you missed it and wanna tune in!


What a wildly magical manifestation from seeds planted so long ago. I wrote in my journal on 11/11/2016 that “someday I would have a second home and another MELT location in Austin so I could dual locate, going back and forth between TX and AZ.”

Fast forward, I’m in my ultimate dream relationship with my partner Andrew who just so happens to live in Austin of all places. After 1.5 years of long-distance love, I just unpacked my U-haul and moved in!

While I’m really just figuring it all out one step at a time, I plan on coming back to AZ for the first week of each month and letting it all unfold organically to find my ideal groove. I’m not in a rush to open a location here, but I’m open to that revealing itself at the right time too.

Cheers to really living out my life motto: “I always choose both!”


You know I never celebrate a birthday without actually BIRTHING something sentimental into the world. She’s not ready quiiite yet but here’s a little tease of an upcoming project I’ve had in the werks that I can’t wait to spill the juice on. Stay tuned for more deets coming soon!

That’s a lot.
Thanks so much for letting me share.


Andrew and I are getting ready to host a 35th bday + housewarming party here in Austin this upcoming weekend. Close friends are flying in from all over, mixing with all of the new friends I’ve made here in the ATX community.

I feel like I have SO MUCH to celebrate and be grateful for this year AND like life is just getting better and better, forever and ever.

My greatest wish this year is to continue to step up and share my voice in new ways — whether it be more MELTIVATIONAL speaking, more empowering, educational skin vids, releasing my first few songs on Spotify, finally releasing that podcast I’ve been thinking of, or any other way that feels authentic and juicy.

Thank YOU for being a huge part of what I’m counting my blessings on this birthday.

I love you.


Melissa 💖

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