Melty Services for Mamas

Melty Services for Mamas

To honor all mamas everywhere, I sat down with my good friend Ellyse, a glowy mama who wanted to know how to indulge in some safe, self care this season.

Ellyse: If Sam (the hubs) is asking about treating me to a day of self care - where should I start with the first stop being MELT?

Mel: Watching our friends and clients (like you) from the moment they find out they're expecting, to growing, giving birth and all the stages is such a gift. We get to be a part of their journey to motherhood, finding new ways to truly care for themselves, and adapt as they experience so much change.


Mamas seriously deserve one of our delish signature facials —  it's the dreamiest way to melt away every month. They're each fully customized for you and we’ll focus on deep cleansing, hydration, and boosting the skin with nutrients while avoiding any treatments or ingredients that aren’t pregnancy safe. There’s no better way to support and rejuvenate your skin + soul while enhancing your pregnancy glow!

the melt away facial: our base level facial is a blissful hour of pure magic and experiential skin lovin that will leave you feeling refreshed, radiant and ready for your next month of baby growin!

the seasonal soulsticewhen you really need that next level soul care, carve out 75 min of much-deserved mama time to reset your energy, receive some extra dreamy pampering, and emerge renewed.

the nuface sculpt: when you’re ready to release stored up tension and receive some deeper healing touch, opt for this 60 min treatment designed to reduce inflammation + puffiness, promote lymphatic drainage, and sculpt out our facial features like cheeks + jawline.


having more beauty hacks “to wake up like this” is amazing for all humans, but especially valuable for our mamas who are often juggling the most. that’s why we love offering our signature combo services that give you all the great results in less time on the bed + make everyday more effortless! 

brow magic or brow flip: whether you want them cleaned up and polished or full and fluffy, our bread n butter is brows. we’ll guide you through your unique brows and can help you choose the best fit for your daily style. our vegetable-based tints are also pregnancy safe and an amazing add on for brows that look more shapely everyday without any added effort. 

lash lift + tint: high impact, low maintenance. we perm the follicles to lift the natural lashes up into an eye-opening curl for up to 12 weeks! tinting them darker makes them really pop and replaces the need for daily mascara. 

lash extensions: super beautiful, more maintenance. 

lash extensions are a great option for mamas who want a lil more fullness or length than their natural lashes allow for. lash extension clients tend to skip out on eye makeup all together and always share that they feel more “pretty and put together” without extra effort. a lot of our melt mamas get their lashes done so they feel really beautiful while they’re giving birth. 

you’ll come in for your lash nap every couple weeks and can trust that we’ll use bolsters and pillows to keep you comfy while laying down and that we only use safe, formaldehyde free adhesives + super light, high quality lashes. 


body waxing: as our miraculous mama bods are growing and changing, it gets a lil tricky to remove unwanted hair from hard-to-reach areas. body waxing to the rescue! our low-temperature, hypoallergenic wax makes for a safe + comfortable experience, you’ll stay baby smooth for much longer, and the hair will actually thin out + soften over time. 

✨ organic spray tans: hello bronzey baby bump! everyone truly feels better with a healthy, radiant glow. our airbrush spray tans are artfully done by hand and our pregnancy-safe solutions are derived from organic apples, pears + brown sugar for a golden, super-natural sun-kissed color. 




I've heard a lot of mixed things about pregnancy and brow flips (aka brow lamination) – can you break it down for me?

In the world of beauty and mamahood, I’ve found that there’s a lotta “gray” area, simply because there’s so little research being done to prove safety or lack thereof. As you can imagine, it’s challenging to run scientific studies on women who are currently pregnant — posing known and unknown risks on mama + baby often far outweighs the benefit or “incentives” for knowing the conclusion. 

So, we do our best with the information we have and share this with our clients to help each individual make an informed decision. In these gray zones, we encourage all mamas-to-be to consult with their health care provider and we’re here to support in every personal choice. 

As far as brow lamination goes, the good ol Google will generate a whole slew of articles with controversial opinions about this service during pregnancy, some advocating that it’s a big no no, some saying it’s perfectly safe, and everything in between. I think it’s important to point out that most of these search results are written by bloggers, not medical or beauty professionals, which is why I always take them with a grain of salt and do a bit more reading between the lines.

For us licensed professionals, we follow clear manufacturer guidelines and are trained in these professional protocols – this is NOT a DIY kinda service, my friends. We work with the highest quality, top of the line brow lamination products on the market and have been safely flipping all the humans and hairs since 2019. There is no limitation for brow lamination during pregnancy or breastfeeding with our products. However, it’s important to note that due to the hormonal changes happening during this time period for women, the effect of the treatment can’t be guaranteed or as easily predicted. For example, her tint might fade much faster than usual or her lashes in a lash lift might not stay as curly for as long.

All that to say, we welcome all the mamas in for this amazing, low-maintenance treatment!



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Melty Products & Ingredients for Mamas

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