It’s time to unwrap your freshest face ever with one of our all time favorite professional skin treatments: chemical peels! 

As we settle into winter months, we enter the best time of year to shed away all that no longer serves us and gift our skin the ultimate reset. 

If you’ve been looking for a major skin transformation but not sure where to start, I trust that this blob is for you!

It’s near and dear to my heart because these peels seriously changed my life (and my entire face) early in my career. Not only did I spend years baking in a tanning bed through high school and college (ouch) but I suffered from adult acne after graduating aesthetics school. 

It was a journey clearing up my skin from breakouts, lightening up all of the acne marks leftover, and lifting out all of that splotchy, scary sun damage — it’s a huge part of me falling in love with helping people navigate the big, gorgeous (and often confusing) world of skin care.

Here’s the low down on why I love giving (and getting) peels this time of year! 


At Melt, we’ve partnered with PCA SKIN — not only are they headquartered in our own backyard (Scottsdale) but they’ve truly paved the way for professional peels with more than 25 years formulating the best and most innovative solutions in the industry.

While chemical peels come in all shapes and sizes, what’s miraculous is how widely beneficial they really are — all skin types can be treated with these PCA solutions AND each peel targets multiple concerns at once.

Each of our Skin Wizards has also been trained and certified by PCA SKIN to provide the most safe, effective, and enjoyable experience for our clients.


Professionally applied peel solutions are made up of a mixture of acids + active ingredients that are painted onto the treatment area — typically the face, neck and/or chest.

Each is formulated to target a variety of specific conditions simultaneously.

These acids work by exfoliating dead, dull skin cells and helping healthy, juicy skin cells rise to the surface. Imagine the deeper layers of fresh, untouched skin being revealed resulting in your most youthful, dewy skin shining out — it’s like getting a whole new baby face!

Peels are lightening, brightening, tightening, rejuvenating, preventative, anti-aging, and anti-acne. 


As licensed aestheticians, we provide professional chemical peels that safely & effectively target various conditions including: 

  • hyper-pigmentation / discoloration / sun damage / uneven skin tone
  • acne and acne marks 
  • sensitivity
  • fine lines / wrinkles / laxity / signs of aging
  • dull complexion 
  • pore congestion and visibility 


Once we understand your goals, we'll select the appropriate peel solution and customize the treatment to achieve your best results. Peels are safe for all skin types, and as PCA Certified Professionals, we are trained to identify what treatment combination is safe for each person’s skin in order to reap the greatest benefits.

A few examples of the peels we offer are:


    + we have a variety of treatment boosters that can be added on when appropriate to take the service to the next level. Example: our retinoid booster actually increases the efficacy of treatment while decreasing the amount a client will peel. 


While peel solutions are known to have a little stingle, they’re definitely nothing to be afraid of. Most solutions have a bit of a spicy sensation or a slight itch while they’re active on the skin. We take each layer nice n slow and we offer handheld fans to keep every client calm, cool, and comfy throughout. Most importantly, we make sure the skin is fully neutralized by the end, so you’ll be on your way in all smiles.


While the healing is pretty easy and painless, it can be different for everyone based on so many variables. So, we always aim to prepare everyone for any amount of downtime, peeling and post care to follow so you feel informed and empowered.

Things to Know:

  1. We give you a post care kit with instructions and products to use am + pm during the first 3-5 days after treatment. During this time, we don’t recommend using any other products to ensure we aren’t being too aggressive after a more intense exfoliation and to support the skin in it’s healing.

  1. You may be tight, dry, itchy, pink, and peely for up to 7 days after a treatment. Everyone heals and peels at different rates — usually clients are tight and crispy for a couple days, start peeling between days 3 to 5, and reach full rejuvenation in about a week.

  1. Avoid super hot water, saunas steam rooms during the first 3-7 days. Bonus to avoid any makeup during this period as well (or opt for mineral makeup.)

  1. No working out for the first 72 hours after treatment. This is less about getting sweaty and is a big no-no because significantly increasing your body temperature can actually reactivate the chemical solution in your skin and result in a burn.

  1. Absolutely NO picking or peeling your skin off. Any flaky skin must not be picked prematurely which will result in scarring and hyperpigmentation. Let skin naturally exfoliate off in it’s own time.

  1. Know that peeling is NOT a sign of a session being effective or not. Some peels are designed to NOT make you peel at all, even though that seems counter-intuitive to the name. Some people will have very little or no peeling. This does NOT mean you missed out on all the rewards; the acid solution was absorbed and active in the tissue no matter what. Trust us when we say that more peeling does not automatically mean better.

(This is especially true of the no-peel peel; it’s literally formulated to give you all the benefits with no peeling and is an incredible option for those who desire minimal downtime.) 

  1. Be diligent on your SPF during the healing days. This is a non-negotiable. Your freshly exfoliated skin can NOT be exposed to the sun — hence the winter months being easier to peel in :)

  2. Give yourself at least a week before any special life events.


If you are looking for dramatic improvements, like a super-boosted transformation, a peel series is such an amazing option. The timeframe between peels will vary based on your skin health, what your goals are, and which types of peel solutions we choose to work with. 

As a blanket average, we recommend doing a few peels in the winter / spring months spaced 4 weeks apart. Like an onion, we are reaching into new layers of tissue each time, getting down into the freshest, glowiest skin while increasing cell turnover. Doing the consecutive treatments back-to-back has compounding effects from each session.

It’s truly mind-blowing what 2 to 3 peels in a row can do for any precious face!

Dare I say … REBORN.


Winter tends to be the best season for peels because we have the least exposure to heat and sun during the more delicate days of healing. Any level of a chemical peel will make skin more sensitive to the sun. By scheduling your peels in the winter, you can enjoy your recovery time indoors while it’s cooler out. 

By the time the warmer temps arrive, you and your skin will be able to enjoy the outdoors more freely, looking healthier than ever.


We’re offering $50 OFF all PCA Peels this SZN!

Be sure to mention this Blob for a discount at checkout :)


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