“The difference between routine and ritual is only one ingredient: intention.”

This quote by Priya Parker is at the core of the Melt Skin Care line — because these products aren’t designed to just be consumed; they’re carefully curated to create an experience for everyone engaging with them daily.

I’m a person who lives by virtues such as “small things done daily have a compounding effect over time” and “how you do one thing is how you do everything.”

So for me, skin care every morning and night — aka how many other things do you do roughly 60 times a month?! — is so much more than a routine or regimen aimed at achieving stunning skin. 

It’s so much more than my profession or a passion project; it’s an ongoing practice and an opportunity to anchor my virtues at the start and end of each day.

If I’m cutting corners on my nighttime self care, where else am I selling myself short or leaving stones unturned?

My skin care ritual is a mini self care ceremony and a precious moment to connect with myself and who I’m becoming.

It’s a daily devotion and a declaration of self love that organically elevates other areas of my life and how I operate. 

As humans, we all have routines.

Some that we do so automatically (even unconsciously) because they are hardwired patterns and programs.

Some that we put more conscious effort into establishing as habits.

Some that benefit us and get us closer to our dreams. 

Some that might not.

Workout routines. 

Morning routines.

Making our bed.

The way we prep our coffee or tea.

How we put our socks and shoes on. 

Our route to work.

What if we transformed some of our routines into rituals?

There’s scientific evidence that when we assign meaning to our actions, they become exponentially more effective. That means that two people can do the same exact thing, but the one who has given it meaning will reap more reward. That’s wild!

Instead of just slapping on your cleanser and rinsing your face off at night “because you know you shouldn’t sleep with your makeup on” (wah wah wahhhh) and thinking about who knows what, what if you lathered up your delicious cleanser in your palms, took two deep breaths to inhale the invigorating peppermint oil, lovingly massaged it onto your face working the tissue to release tension and bring circulation to the cells, and looked into your own eyes in the mirror with gratitude, compassion and a soft grin?


It’s a whole new world.


And guess what … it probably takes the same amount of time.


Ritual makes the mundane meaningful.

Ritual takes us from going through the motions to infusing our micro-habits with magic.


Ritual invokes more presence in our daily lives and aligns us with our truest intentions for how we choose to spend our limited time on this earth.

Welcome to Melt by Melissa Skin Care — where your mornings become meaningful and your nights become nourishing.

We love you lovin on YOU. 

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