SKIN CARE IN THE CITY - melt by melissa in the big apple

SKIN CARE IN THE CITY - melt by melissa in the big apple

I felt like a holly jolly Santa elf this past Sunday, gingerly wrapping up over 100 bottles of lotions n potions, packing them into a suitcase and prepping them for their cross-country trek. 

*insert prayers to the travel gods that they’d all make it pristinely in one piece*

As I was bubble wrappin n baggin — cue Jay-Z + Alicia Keys ‘Empire State of Mind’ — I felt my eyeballs well up… holy sheet, it’s all happening. 

I had a delicious, happy emo cry, alone in my kitchen, when I paused long enough to embrace what a BIG moment this truly is.

For me.

For Melt.

For my past self who has dreamt of this for so long.

For my future self who knows she’s really on her way.

When I shifted from surreal to THIS IS REAL.

When I started to think back and relive all the times, over all the years, I’ve visualized myself doing exactly what I’m about to do. 

Imagine me, standing in a room or on a stage somewhere — speaking to an audience, straight from the heart, and sharing the Melt by Melissa mission, story, and brand — to people in another state who have likely never heard of us before.

Not just talking products we sell, services we do, or generally who we are.

Instead, really drilling down to the core, diving deep into the essence of what makes everything Melt so special, and radiating out all the reasons why the world is ready for more of our magic!

Really bringing people together — not just over a common interest in beauty and self care — but over the sheer fact that we are all humans craving deeper connection and tangible ways to lead more meaningful lives.

Really leaving a lasting impression, gifting every person in the room a potent dose of Melt love, and trusting that everyone involved will leave with their cups running over.


I’ve written this movie in my mind a million trillion times. 


Fast forward, it’s Tuesday night in New York City.

We invited 25 of the top beauty editors and producers — from Allure to The Today Show, Good Morning America to Elle Magazine, InStyle to Access Hollywood and more —  to join us for a 3 hour launch event experiencing a true Melt skin care ceremony. 

Rather than standing in front of some of the biggest decision makers of the industry and selling a product, I cultivated an evening centered around connection, intention and presence. 

Rather than me talking AT everyone, we kicked things off by going around the room and each sharing our name, our biggest win of the year, and where we are currently a beginner/leaning into something new.

This could have been my favorite part of the entire evening because something really profound happens when we give people a safe, welcoming space to:

- authentically share what’s alive for us

- witness others in their vulnerability and discover how much we relate

- genuinely celebrate and root for others’ joy

- practice the art of being seen for who we really are 

- remember that we’re not alone

We heard answers like:

- diving into new romance (even when it feels crazy scary)

- getting an epic promotion (that she worked so hard towards)

- leaping into a new career (and cutting the safety cord)

- finally getting a solo apartment in the city 

- starting an a.m. mediation practice (and prioritizing stillness)

- journaling nightly (to soak it all up since life’s passing by)

- speaking more kindly in the mirror


I could’ve called that a wrap!

But there’s more! 

We really spiced things up with a cacao ceremony that no one in the room had ever been exposed to before.

Pure ceremonial grade cacao has been grown, harvested, and served by indigenous peoples in Peru, Guatemala, and Colombia for as far back as we know. While there’s a long list of physical, mental, and soulful benefits to consuming cacao, what I love about it so much is that it helps us get out of our heads and into our hearts.

For this reason, we call cacao “heart medicine” — and I think we can all agree that we need a lotta bit more of that these days! 

It’s a beautiful, palpable way to tune in with ourselves and with others. 

I guided everyone through a mini meditation and took them on a journey through time — to see how far we’ve come, to release all that no longer serves us, and to set fresh intentions for 2023. 

This created perfect setting to finally introduce The Foundational 5 + our Ritual Roadmap (which ties Palo Santo and our Melt Manifest Deck into the full experience.) 

Anyone who knows me knows just HOW MUCH I love geeking out on all things science, skin care, and the human body. 

I had SO MUCH FUN proudly showcasing the Melt Skin Care goodies — gabbing on all the key ingredients, universal benefits, the back story for each formulation, the look, the touch, the smell, and so on! 

What was super special was getting to simultaneously inspire everyone with small, easy ways to make the ordinary extraordinary. To make the mundane meaningful. To take a going-through-the-motions routine and transform it into a powerful, intimate ritual. 

At Melt, we believe that the difference between a routine and a ritual is just one ingredient — 

I N T E N T I O N.

These products are more than skin care; they’re an invitation to true soul care. 

They’re one of many vehicles that gift us an opportunity to infuse intention into our everyday lives.


The beauty of this intimate event that we were able to cultivate allowed us to do just that. Create connection beyond products.




I’m levitating on Cloud 9 as I come home — cherishing the social proof that our message is so needed and so powerful. 


That the unique medicine we carry is potent and exactly what so many people are yearning for. 


That when we have the courage to show up, say yes, and share in an authentic way, we can truly touch the lives of everyone we meet.


That’s MY BIG WHY in this life — melting and expanding the hearts of those I’m lucky enough to encounter. 


Maybe it’s in person during a service, as your mentor / co-worker, or at any variety of events like this one. 


Maybe it’s from afar through a caption that resonates, a manifest deck card pull that ignited you, or a product on your bathroom sink while you look into your own eyes at the mirror. 


Where-ever, however — I am eternally grateful to live this life as a conscious creator and contributor. 


Wrapping up with another little moment of gratitude, some extra celebration, and this near n dear quote I love —


“Remember that where you are now is where you once dreamed.”



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