the foundational five

the foundational five


As a chemistry major in my pre-med days, I've always loved the way teenie tiny molecules interact with our divinely intelligent human bodies and become us. There's this melting point between science, nature and art that's so awe-inspiring. It's been a dream, years in the making, and now, I couldn't be more honored to share these delicious skin care formulations from my he(art) to yours.

I designed every miniscule, magical detail of this experiential skin care to encourage us to pause for more melty moments in our lives, to enhance our daily presence and devotional practices, and to embrace our happiest, healthiest skin ever.

I’ve spent the last decade touching all the client's faces, testing all the potions under the sun, and walking my own skin healing journey.

I formulated The Foundational Five with every single face, skin type and soul in mind — because all humans deserve the full kit-n-kaboodle in just a few delicious steps done daily.

These goodies work synergistically, morning and night, to create a powerful, all-inclusive ritual.

I made the insides complex, so you can keep it super simple.
I made the outsides stunning, so you can be delighted by your shelfie.
I made potency and quality non-negotiable, so you can feel pride and peace for how you love on yourself.

I’ve always believed in MAGIC, so I bottled it up.
What’s more, I put it all in one extra dreamy box!! 

Say H E L L O to our NEW Foundational Five Skin Care Box. 


exfoliating. energizing. illuminating.
- passion flower
- german chamomile
- lemon, grape and pineapple extracts
- glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid
- vitamin c
- emu, spearmint, grapeseed, lemongrass and tea tree oil
- aloe vera

clearing. calming. conditioning.
- oats
- aloe vera
- glycerin
- apple extract
- malic acid (from apples)
- peppermint

protecting. quenching. mineralizing.
- seaweed and deep sea lettuce
- niacinamide
- lemongrass oil
- vitamin b5
- 9 key amino acids
- wheat amino acids
- sodium pca
- sodium hyaluronate
- aloe vera
- green tea

the magical unicorn sauce.
- organic emu oil
- organic lavender essential oil

collagen-boosting. nourishing. barrier-building.
- bladderwrack, aloe vera, green tea, and grape extracts
- amino acids
- wheat amino acids
- emu, grapeseed and lemon oils
- sodium pca
- sodium hyaluronate
- hydroxyproline
- vitamin b5
- glycerin 

our little gift to you

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming Blob posts where I’ll deep dive into each of our full formulations, offer ingredient spotlights, and share more on all the ways every individual product is so epic. 


because self care is our superpower

"the difference between routine and ritual is only one ingredient: intention" - priya parker

I’ve always believed that the little things we do daily matter; that they have a compounding effect over time and inevitably become us. What a beautiful opportunity we have (approx 60x per month) to easily, enjoyably start and end our days in a more meaningful way.

I'm honored to invite you into deeper presence and some much-deserved celebration on your new self care journey. Thank you for allowing me to touch this intimate part of your life in every melty moment.



cleansing isn’t just for your face; it’s also for your energetic space. light one end of this “holy wood” for 30 sec, blow the flame out, and allow the sweet-scented smoke to purify your surroundings while setting your intentions for living your dream day.
the melt manifest deck was birthed to inspire us all to take a moment for ourselves and infuse a dose of magic into our everyday existence. simply shuffle while asking your highest self what special message or reminder you may need to receive today. select a card. brownie points for putting it on your mirror :)


hands-down the most important choice in our skin care; as our first step, we’re setting the stage for every step thereafter to either fail or succeed. our cleansers are designed for all skin babes to deep clean without drying us out, gently exfoliate dead, dull skin daily, and add back essential nutrients to our delicate barrier.

like yin and yang, our two dreamy, creamy cleansers work synergistically. all skin types can benefit from alternating them and finding your ideal flow. 

try using one in the am and the other in the pm.
keep one at your sink and one in your shower; you’ll effortlessly alternate between both!
or get wild and mix them together!

don’t miss the mist, my friends. just like our bodies need proper micronutrient levels (vitamins and minerals), our body’s largest organ does too!

this mineralizing, protein-rich potion is packed full of pH balancing, protecting, and super-thirst-quenching ingredients. plus, spritzing our skin first opens the door to invite all of our fancy serums and creams in; holla for better absorption while actually using less.

just like our insides need healthy fats, our precious outside tissues do too! mu juice is a big, delicious dose of healing, conditioning omegas and a non-clogging skin oil that is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-aging, and anti-acne. we don’t call it ‘magical unicorn sauce’ for nothin.

say it with us: “penetration!” amongst alllll the benefits of standalone emu oil, quite possibly the coolest is that it pulls all other ingredients into your tissue and drops them off by molecular size. translation: adding mu juice to any serum or cream makes it exponentially more effective (while using less) since so many products barely make it past the surface.

lock all that goodness in with our universal cream formulated for all skins as the ultimate collagen-boosting, barrier-building moisturizer. you’ll love finishing your ritual with her invigorating citrus scent, brightening your complexion while lifting your spirits. 

always finish with a healthy spf in the daytime, regardless of weather and season.
our favorites: 100% mineral tinted spfs by colorescience in glow, flex, and matte (we carry them all in our online shop and in studio.)



just a few of the stellar reviews we’ve received from our clients

“Melt by Melissa is one of my new favorite go-to skincare routines...I mean rituals. Not only do I love the philosophy behind the brand, but when my skin needs a little extra love and calming, I reach for the entire line. I can't live without the Mu Juice Serum - it's a skincare must have.”
- Taryn B., Editor, Allure Magazine


“I am beyond obsessed with these products— the oat mylk cleanser leaves my skin feeling super clean and hydrated, the mist is super refreshing, and the moisturizer makes my skin feel super soft and dewey. Special shoutout to the mu juice, which makes my dry skin super happy and gives me the glazed donut look I love!”
- Rachel W., Editor A360 Media (Life & Style, InTouch, Star, Women’s Day)


"MELT by Melissa has been a complete game-changer for me. As a 33-year-old man, I've always tried to take care of my skin, but I've never found a skincare line that truly worked for me. That all changed when I discovered MELT by Melissa.

What I love most about this skincare line is that Melissa herself is so passionate about her products and truly cares about her customers. When I first visited one of her locations, I could feel the personal touch that goes into every product she creates.

Since using MELT by Melissa products for the past two months, my skin has never looked or felt better. I can feel how clean my pores are and my skin has a healthy glow that I haven't seen in years. Plus, the fact that these products are made with high-quality, natural ingredients gives me peace of mind that I'm taking good care of my skin.

If you're looking for a skincare line that feels personal and delivers real results, I highly recommend MELT by Melissa. Melissa's dedication to her customers is truly one-of-a-kind, and I'm so grateful to have found a skincare line that works for me."
- Parker (real life melt man client)

I invite you to join me in this experiential skin care practice.

To intentionally and lovingly anoint ourselves with ingredients and sensations that become medicine for our mind, bod and soul.

To cultivate a ritual of pure presence, pleasure and personal care.

A simple space that serves as a gentle reminder that what we do to start and end each day matters.

That WE matter.

And that the world is awaiting our most radiant face to show up and shine out.

Are you ready to melt?



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