CLOUD POWDER 3 WAYS – the coconutty creamer all your bevs need

CLOUD POWDER 3 WAYS – the coconutty creamer all your bevs need

It seems like fancy drinks have become all the rage.

adaptogen powders. 

coffee alternatives. 

zero proof wines. 

sparkly spritzer cbd cans. 

you name it.

two things I know for sure: 

  2. My instagram ads algorithm really knows me LOL my feed is constantly dazzling me with vibey glassware and bubbly drinks sprinkled with edible flowers from the fountain of youth!

and if you know me IRL, you know that I'm never caught without something to sip on it's weird because my 4 siblings and I actually discovered that we are literally all like this ... as if we would fully malfunction without some kind of drink in one hand. Are we alone here???


I’m a big believer in romanticizing my liiiife.

that means, being intentional and making choices to up-level even the tiniest of details, simply for the absolute pleasure and joy that they bring. 

no, my handmade ceramic pink coffee mug from the local women-owned boutique does NOT actually keep my coffee hotter for longer ... but isn't she absolutely gorrrrgeous and see how she nestles right into my hands perfectly with all of her curves? mmmmmm! she literally makes every sip a little bit sweeter and every moment more melty.

I'm obsessed with making "fancy bevs" at home. maybe it's because I don't really cook, so that's my way of over-compensating. 

insert  all the potions!

and — coconut cloud powder! 

so delish.

so easy to spruce up any Bev.

full of healthy benefits.

AND clear skin friendly.



dairy is a major culprit in the battle with breakouts. 

consuming dairy doesn’t mean you will start having acne.

but if you are struggling with active acne, you will likely continue to struggle until you eliminate dairy. For some of my clients, this change alone dramatically cleared up their skin within a month!

once you’re all cleared up and the acne is at bay, many people can introduce dairy back in without any skin issues.

so, if you’re on the journey to clearing your skin:

dairy in your coffee or matcha = big no no.

whey protein powder in your smoothies or bars = big no no. 


swap out for milk alternatives and coconut cloud powder :)


☕️ Mel’s Morning Mindfuel  ☕️

coffee + nootropics to boost brain performance and sustain energy

I’m a coffee lover to my core but you could also make this in the mornings with matcha or herbal coffee alternatives. 

I love to set an intention with my coffee before I take my first sip. It’s my literal favorite 5 seconds of my entire day.

— how to make — 

1 cup brewed coffee 

2 heaping scoops of cloud powder creamer

1 tablespoon mct oil or grass-fed butter — love these emulsified mct oils from Onnit

a dash of cinnamon

1 tablespoon metabolism super powder — has a chocolatey taste and kicks up digestion for the day

I have lots of fun adaptogen powders from Moon Juice and Sun Potion so I just have fun and dash a little of this, a little of that and it’s never really the same twice. I just go with my gut and toss some in each time, knowing I’m getting the benefits of all the brain + body boosting ingredients on the regular. 

blend and serve hot or over ice 

🥬 Mel’s Protein + Greens 🥬


fuel + daily dose of plant protein + micronutrients ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️

cuz we can all use some more greens up in our lives and I love a quick, easy smoothie to curb my hunger when I’m in my zone working or on-the-go. 


— how to make —


1 heaping scoop of your favorite greens powder — my forever go to is from Sakara Life. It’s organic, creamy and delish!  


1 heaping scoop of cloud powder creamer 


8-12 oz. of blueberry lavender almond milk or milk alternative of choice (pro tip: Trader Joe’s, my friends)



can be served over ice

🍵 Mel’s Ceremonial Matcha 🍵

feat. a few of our favorite wellness products

inspire focus + mindfulness while being indulgent and activating

I like to call this my “adult hot chocolate” :) 

It’s dreamy. It’s decadent. And it’s my go-to when I’m craving something chocolatey.

The perfect way to slowww down and savor a sweat, nourishing treat.

— how to make —

warm up 8 oz of your milk of choice — I’m currently loving pistachio milk!

1 scoop ceremony tonic

1 scoop cloud powder

dash of cinnamon

dash of monk fruit — sweeten to taste. I prefer these from Lakanto


pour into your favorite mug.

relish in a ceremonial moment. 


Ceremony Tonic: an indulgent and activating blend of raw organic cacao, organic matcha green tea, and maca root that may inspire focus, mindfulness, and shared ceremony. 


Cloud Powder: this indulgent and ethereal creamer is made with coconuts and skin-nourishing tocos, and derived from organic rice bran.

Feel free to send me YOUR favorite recipe discoveries too! 

Sending you some extra special sipping, my babes. 



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